30-30 Brass


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The 30-30 brass is a round, tubular piece of metal used most often in firearms. It was originally developed for hunting rifles but has seen widespread use across many other applications as well.

The 30-30 brass is a cartridge that originated in 1882 and was designed by Winchester. This brass has been used as a rifle cartridge since then, it is still being used today. Besides, this brass is one of the most popular cartridges on the market because of its versatility and cost-effectiveness.


30-30 brass for 30-30 ammo is a popular choice among reloaders and shooters alike due to its versatility and affordability. It is commonly used in lever-action rifles and is a great choice for hunting, target shooting, and even cowboy action shooting. Besides this brass is a strong, durable metal that is easy to reload and is widely available. It is also relatively inexpensive compared to other types of brass, making it an attractive option for those on a budget. With its wide range of uses, it is an ideal choice for shooters of all levels and budgets.

Caliber: .30-30 Winchester
Number of Rounds: 500
Bullet Type: Jacketed Soft Point
Bullet Weight: 150 grain
Cartridge Case Material: Brass
Muzzle Velocity: 2100 ft/s
Primer Location: Centerfire
Dimensions: 1.20 X 3.20 X 5.45 in
Width: 3.2 in
Height: 1.2 in


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